“But Daddy, I Don’t Want to Take a Nap”


A tired grumpy little girl starts to make her way over to daddy. Inch by inch she gets closer. I insist that she is tired but she just won’t hear it. She is adamant about not being tired or needing a nap. But daddy knows better, plus daddy DOES need a nap.

Next thing I know I have this silent sleeping beauty leaning against my arm knocked out to the world. “Not tired huh?” I whisper in her ear.

There is something special about moments like these. Sure I’ve seen Madalyn fall asleep in her high chair or at her coloring desk. Both are cute and make me smile, however the times when she falls asleep on daddy really warms my heart. Granted the hour before was no picnic.

Ahhh, now its time to put my feet up, run my hand through her hair, smile big, and close my eyes…