Child Split Custody


Being divorced has it advantages and disadvantages, I can't believe I am saying that! Anyhow, today was Madalyn's birthday and she is spending it with mom. I was invited but I felt weird about it and I am scared to give Madalyn the wrong impression that mom and dad may get back together. (yes I tend to over analyze or maybe look for an excuse :-) )

Well apparently I am the proud new owner of half the bill for the party she had. I even got the call before the party was over that I owed the money. I don't recall agreeing to it but I am also non confrontational when it comes to Madalyn because I don't want her to be hurt by my stubbornness.

I don't know why my ex feels I need to pay for half of everything. I take care of Madalyn and if she can't live in her means then she should cut back.

I would of been happy to pay some money if I was asked up front, not after the fact.

Oh well it is not worth fretting over. My little girl is growing up! The big 4!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Madalyn!

YIKES!!! I hope the bill wasn't too big.....and most importantly, I hope Madalyn had a great time at her party.

Jason said...

The bill wasn't too bad, actually pretty cheap, $20 is my portion. It just bothers me sometimes. Her mom will go out and buy her some clothes and say I owe her for them. I don't do that with her, I don't get it.

Yes, Madalyn sounded like she had a great time. I miss her!