ReFocus Priorities


After a very quiet weekend I have realized again that I seem to focusing on the things that I don't have rather than what I do have. No wonder I always feel empty, I am looking for a quick fix to feel better or different about myself, getting more money, finding a wife, and I lose focus. I get stressed and frustrated because the progress isn't there, I feel I am working hard to achieve goals without seeing any reward. If I am not destined to be rich why should I continue to spend time in pursuit? There should be other things out there that if I were to do at least I would get enjoyment and fulfillment from them.

Today I want to refocus my efforts and try to implement some discipline into my life. No more instant gratification, no more wanting, and no more moping about because I am lonely!

I have let my relationship with God suffer and I constantly feel empty in this relationship and it is because my eyes are on me, not Him. This is not how I want Madalyn to grow up and remember her daddy or view of God. I am not teaching her to be anything but selfish.

1. Refocus Spirituality - I will get up a half hour earlier in the morning before work and seek God. I hit the snooze button several times in the morning. I am kidding myself if I think I am getting any rest during this time. There are better ways to use this time. This is where the discipline will come into play. I am NOT a morning person.

2. Refocus Diet - I have gotten carried away with eating whatever I please. This has become financially costly and my energy level is poor. Not to mention my love handles.

3. Refocus the Mind - I miss reading and bettering myself. The past few months have revolved around how to make money. I will dedicate a couple hours per week to reading something I enjoy.

4. Refocus Parenting - Eating at the table needs to be a must. Developing a bed-time routine for Madalyn is a high priority.

5. Refocus Skills - I like to cook but it has been awhile since I have made anything worth enjoying. It is time to start making some meals that taste better than good or okay.

6. Refocus Business - I know I will succeed but money and success can't be what drives me. I will limit my home business work to 6 hours per week.

Okay there it is...


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I am guilty of the whole dinner thing. I often let my son watch tv and eat something. I don't personally fix anything very special to eat. It is just ok. My son is so picky I tell myself why bother. But I am not setting a good example. I think you are right. It is all about showing discipline and setting a good example. In time I think it will pay off huge.

Jason said...

I am finding the longer I wait the harder it is. And I really can't blame the child for not wanting to change. Heck change is hard even for me.

Anonymous said...

Parenting is hard work huh? Now that I work at home, I realize it more and more each day.....I'm praying for you!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.