Christian Single Dad Mission Statement


The Christian Single Dad Blog came to be several years ago, in 2007 to be exact, when I found myself coping with divorce trying to raise a small child between two very different households. Like many people I found myself with a lot of questions and it seemed my mistakes greatly out numbered my accomplishments. At first I used my blog as a platform to vent, vent, and vent but I have moved past that. I now look at the things in my life as well as my daughters’ that are working and that could use some work. There are so many different aspects to raising a child that each day I seem to find something new.

For Example: Because my nutritional goals are different than Madalyn’s I have to make sure I adjust my cooking accordingly. While I want to lose weight and look my best she needs the right kind of foods to help her remain energetic and grow. I want to teach my daughter healthy eating at a young age and hopefully she will thank me for it later. I am sure she will have a list of things to hold against me like not letting her date until she is 20.

Over the past couple years I have been exposed to situations and information that is alarming. Children are becoming more prone to food allergies, childhood diabetes, asthma, broken families, etc. I know I can’t protect my daughter from everything but there are things that I can do to teach her and to make her life better. So to the best of my ability I try to learn what I can about positive parenting, living a healthy lifestyle, building new relationships, loving god and others, simplifying life, goal setting, and becoming what I believe in.

My life has been one long struggle that I sometimes regret, however I don’t want to trade it in for anything if I were to lose the Lord or my daughter. My experiences got me where I am today and the only thing that matters is that I am a born again Christian with a beautiful daughter. In the past I struggled with alcohol, drugs, smoking, and countless sins. I am not proud of what I have done except for the fact that I have been alcohol and drug free since 1997, smoke free since 2007, and I sin a bit less than I did before. In fact my relationship with God finally seems to be flourishing more and more. My life’s goal is to be the best that I can be and to love as much as I can. If something is broken then it needs to be fixed and it is my journey to allow God to fix me and do my part so I can be the man that God destines me to be.

So when you read about dieting, exercising, relationship with God, parenting, goal setting, achieving greatness, being positive, and about falling on my face they all have a common thread. To make me the best Christian man and father that I can be in order to have a fulfilled joyous life that will rub off on my precious daughter.

Along my journey I come across products and services that I find helpful or interesting. There are some links on my website that will result in a commission for me if you purchase a product or service through them. This helps to keep my websites up and running throughout the year. I only list things that I think are helpful and there is never any obligation to purchase.

I welcome comments or questions so please feel free to email me at However, I don’t have the time nor patience to bicker over biblical doctrine or other point of views on any of my topics, discusions are okay. I do the best I can and my opinion is not unique nor is it absolute.

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