Full Time Single Dad


Recent events have put me in a place of confusion. My ex-wife has informed me that she is moving away at the end of the month. Madalyn has 2 days left to spend with her mom until who knows when. She has not attempted to discuss visitation or how she is going to be part of Madalyn's life which really bothers me.

Fear is really starting to kick in... How will I cope with my daughter's missing her mom? What should I do? Will I make both a great dad and mom?  When will I have time for adult interaction?  Is it wrong to want to re-marry so Madalyn can have a womanly influence in her life?

These questions and many more are running through my head. I am in uncharted territory but then again isn't that is how most of life is.  Prayers are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you. Do not worry, trust in God with your daughter more than you trust in your parenting skills. Surround your daughter with positive female role models and teach her about the great women of the Bible (Esther is a good start). And tell her good things about her mother or the things that she does that are like her mother. Whether her mom is there or not, she will want the connection.

I don't know what kind of woman could leave her daughter, but not for me to judge: keep your ex-wife in prayer as well.

Please pray for me also. My girlfriend and I are expecting soon (a boy!) We aren't married (hence had no business doing the business) and things a bit complicated. We had been having some issues prior to our news, so we are very unsure about the marriage covenant. Everyone wants us to do it (or wants me to go that road) but something isn't right. Please keep me lifted in prayer as well.

Jason said...

Thank you for your encouragment... I got a couple books from the library last night on single father parenting. I am sure they will have all the answers. :-) I will lift you and your family up in prayer, relationships can be hard, I know.