Alligator Poop


So this is kind of a survey. I learned something recently and I want to know if this is common knowledge among small children.

Which candy is known as "Alligator Poop"?

Imagine the looks you get in the store when your little child looks at you, very excited, and asks if they can have some alligator poop when they get to the car.


Marja said...

I haven't a clue what it is! I've been thinking for a couple constantly obviously. But her saying that loud in a store is great! I hate it when my kids say things like that....but then later on, I laugh about it.

Jason said...

Whoppers!! Crazy huh?

Jane said...

hahaha! Kids nowadays! They're really amazing and unbelievable. Thanks for sharing. By the way, these best gifts that you could give your better-half might interest you too. Thanks and have a nice and fulfilling day.