Being Equally Yoked


I like what James Dobson has to say about being equally yoked. If I would of known then what I know now maybe things would of been different. Before I was married I thought that by finding a Christian woman was all I needed. I did not realize that two Christians could be unequally yoked. I ended up learning that lesson the hard way. Here is what James Dobson has to say...

TWO people are not compatible simply because they love each other and are both professing Christians. Many young couples assume that the sunshine and flowers that characterized their courtship will continue for the rest of their lives. No way, Jose. It is naive to expect two unique and strong-willed individuals to mesh together like a couple of machines. Even gears have multiple cogs with rough edges to be honed before they will work in concert.

That honing process usually occurs in the first year or two of marriage. The foundation for all that is to follow is laid in those critical months. What often occurs at this time is a dramatic struggle for power in the relationship.