Unconditional Love


I spent some time contemplating what it would be like to be loved unconditionally. Sometimes I struggle with the desire to be loved and hence my pursuit for a mate when I realized that I already have that love in my life. I know God loves me unconditionally but I struggle with receiving that love. I know through miracles and circumstances in my life that He is looking out for me and all the blessings He has given me but what about human companionship? So it hit me… As I am watching Madalyn run through the play ground, I have the proud father smile going, Madalyn is that reflection of unconditional love. No matter how badly I have screwed things up she comes back to her daddy with love. Sure there are times she doesn’t like me and she makes that perfectly clear but I know she loves me as I love her. I have been looking for something that has been right in my face for so long. Its so weird how that happens. The biggest blessing that God has given me was a child that loves her dad. Now I know this may change in the teenage years but I have a bit of time to worry about that. For now I am going to enjoy that love and not worry so much about everything else.