The Beginning


I never thought I would be sitting here as a dad of one little beautiful girl and divorced. Being a Christian I thought that if I married a Christian then the chances of divorce were greatly reduced. Well I learned that lesson the hard way...After doing some research I found that the divorce rate among Christians is just as high as non-Christians, 50%. I created this blog to help me chart my progress or lack there of. My main concern is for raising my little girl the best I can and not letting to many of my imperfections rub off on her. Constructive comments and advice are very welcome.

Oh and Madalyn loves the zoo so there will probably be lots of talk and pictures about the zoo. Of course children seem to change their minds a lot of what they like to do so who knows what her next fad will be...


Johnathan said...

Jason, never in my life would I imagine I would have such a parallel existence with another human being as every single one of your blog postings I have had also prayed about for myself (sans the sugar post).
I, too, am a single Daddy, but with a three-year old and a ten-year old daughter. The ten year old is attached to my hip as my personal site (though not too personal of information – reveals. There is an email address there if you ever want to swap info, or vent.
I find your blog as inspirational, to me, as one can get. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the creation of your blog as it is helping me almost daily in my walk with God.

God Bless You

Jason said...

Thanks Johnathan. Aren't kids great. I know I am amazed at how much they can do. Just watching my little girl at the playground impresses me. I try to do some of the things and quickly realize that I am simply too old. I will try to get a hold of you, I enjoy swapping stories.