Count Down


Here it is almost Friday, just two more days and I get to spend the week with Madalyn. I bet if anybody ever reads this blog they are going to get sick with all the talk about missing my kid but I tell you what I sure do miss her and look forward to the next time I get to see her.

I used to get angry at my ex when she would not make it to pick up Madalyn becuase she got a better offer or just simply wanted to interfere with my plans. Now that I don't get to see Madalyn everyday I welcome her to get her priorities out of wack...I know it sounds selfish but I truly believe that someday I will have full custody of Madalyn because my ex is immature and selfish. In the past she has struggled with putting her children first or even second for that matter. I just want to be there for Madalyn and do the best job that I can and I know she needs her mom but she also needs stability.

I pray to God that He will bless me with the woman of His choosing this time, I just need to be patient. So I guess this is a count down to a couple of things, the next time I get to see Madalyn and the day I am blessed with my mate. :-)