Friday Night Blues


Here it is another Friday night and I am finding myself lonely, alone and depressed. I feel like I am the only one that has no plans or no one to spend quality time with. At least when I have Madalyn I have companionship and something to do. I guess it is not all bad, I do enjoy the time to myself but for so long I have prayed for my best friend. I continue to pray that God will make the way for her soon.

On a different note: I have been praying for ideas and places to meet people that don’t have to do with bars and clubs and as I checked my mail this evening I found a neat publication that listed classes for next month at local high schools. All sorts of classes, it was a total answer to prayer. The opportunity to be around others and learn something, WOW! I know God worked that out for me and I am thankful. I can’t wait to check some out next month.

Tomorrow will be better, I can see Madalyn running to daddy for a big hug, I can’t wait. I can’t wait for some adult companionship either but there is nothing like a 2 year old to keep me smiling. I am surprised how hard it is to meet people at church that have the time or even the same interests. I know I must give it over to God and show some patience, a quality I lack.


Anonymous said...

hi jason i know the lonely friday night - may the lord bless and keep you strong carol-ann x

Jason said...

Thanks Carol Ann. The Lord does get me from one day to the next. It is just those moments of weakness that get me down occassionally. I know there is something better for me right around the corner but it is always nice to hear from others who have experienced similar things.

Thanks again