Getting Rid of the Diaper


It wasn’t long ago that I was concerned about Madalyn being potty trained. Well the good news is she is and doing great at it. I still find it exciting when she runs off to use her potty, to her it is a normal habit but for me it is still so darn cute. Then she gets up on her stool and washes her little hands. What a good little girl…

She hasn’t wet the bed at night either but how could she because I still put a diaper on her. The diaper is dry in the morning and I am scared to stop using them. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Is it okay for me to put a diaper on her at night or am I sending her mixed signals? I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but I am really struggling with taking that next step and getting rid of the diapers all together.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,
Getting rid of the diaper is a wonderful milestone. Try "pull ups" they worked well for us. It makes them feel like they are big kids and it also protects the bed.
Good luck and hang in there you are doing a great job.

Jason said...

Glad to hear that cause I just bought a big package of pullups. It is kind of funny how anxious I used to be to get rid of the diaper but now I am mildly hesitant. That security is kind of nice but I get more joy out of watching her grow and use the big people potty.