The Mess!


Here’s a funny story that I got a kick out of, again I am amazed by what a 3-year old is capable of… So many times I pick Madalyn up from daycare, I hear of how wonderful she is at helping out and picking up. On occasion I even get to see her putting the toys away, and she does it cheerfully. What a good kid! She is just like her dad, ha-ha.

Not to long ago I start to notice when we get home that she just throws her coat and shoes off where ever is convenient, often times I tell her to put them in her room and she obeys, she stands at the door and throws them in. I think, “how cute”.

Last weekend to my surprise I walk into her room and it is a disaster zone, I mean everything is everywhere. I tell her that she is going to have to put her toys and stuff away and she looks me in the eye and says, “no daddy.” I tell her yes she is and I remind her how well she puts her toys away at daycare and this is no different. Again I tell her she is going to have to clean up the mess and she refuses, so I ask her, “then who is going to clean up your room?” she replies, “you are.” At this point I am trying not to laugh because it did have a high degree of cuteness, however I am not backing down. This weekend we are cleaning her room!

Wish me luck!

Oh and by the way if anyone knows how to sew, Big Bear (he's the one on the bed) needs help!