New Christian Heart


I am sorry to admit but there used to be a time I really did not like kids. I didn’t hate them or anything I just did not like being around them. Even when I became a Christian I was not real fond of them. Well I am glad to say that has all changed.

Watching Madalyn grow and experiencing the joy, worry, love etc. that goes with raising a daughter has given me a new heart. I think a lot of my dislike in the past wasn’t really dislike but fear. Children scare me and now that I have one of my own I know that to be true. As a single Christian dad I am often confronted with uncertainty and even confusion but here I am 3 years later completely in love with the second most wonderful gift God has given me.

Just a couple nights ago I was talking to Madalyn about praying and I asked if she wanted to go first, she said “yes.” Before I know it she is rambling off everyone in her life and thanking God for them. It was the most precious thing I had ever seen. To know that she is beginning to understand about God, if I were to have one wish it would be that she would grow up loving Him.

All I know is that ever since Madalyn has been in my life I am a new man, still quite imperfect but new.