Does it Ever Get Any Easier?


A month ago if someone were to ask me how I was doing I could of answered them, "pretty good." But lately I am not so sure I have grown as much as I hoped. I guess this is more of a relationship issue than a parenting issue but maybe for those that have been through a divorce you can help me a long.

I find myself angry and bitter at my ex lately, sure she is doing things that bother me but I am used to it, for the most part I have, or used to have, compassion in my heart for her and I know Madalyn needs her. Since she pretty much given me full custody of Madalyn she has renigged on the arrangement, not that her circumstances have changed but because, I think, she is bitter that Madalyn may be doing okay with her daddy. Ever since I told Madalyn's mom that she was doing really well and adjusting to the new arrangement she has taken Madalyn back and when I call to talk to Madalyn she hangs up on me. I am trying to be civil but I am at the end of my rope. I have grown accustom to being with Madalyn and now she isn't there. It's like in the beginning all over again. Sure I still have her 50%+ of the time but I want more.

I know I am selfish but I just want things to get easier between my ex and myself for Madalyn's sake and I seem to be on this never ending roller coaster ride and I hate roller coasters.