Chewing Gum!!!


Sunday night my ex brings Madalyn over to my home and here walks in this 3 year old smacking her gum like a teenager. Not only do I look at the kid like, "what the heck are you doing" but I look at her mother as well. Gum chewing at 3! I was SHOCKED to say the least.

Apparently she has been doing it for weeks. She has been offered gum before and I have turned it down saying she is only 3, so NO thanks.

However, she made it most of the night chewing on that gum. It didn't resemble gum when we threw it away but it was all there. She had to of had it in her mouth for hours. She never swallowed it. So now I am sitting here thinking how much my little girl has grown... What's next, Prom?

I hope I am not being to protecting...