Does Madalyn Have a Rival?


Last week was fairly interesting... I would pick Madalyn up from daycare and I would hear a story of how she got in trouble for biting one day. Then Friday the manager talks to me about Madalyn biting and hitting. I was not very happy but then again I knew exactly who to blame, the person who broke the family unit up!

Yes, I am going through one of them phases.

Madalyn opened up to me one night and told me the story of how one of the kids would not let her pass on the playground so apparently she bit him. Later I come to find out that it was the same child she had bit before. Now of course I want to blame her mom but I think the reality may be that Madalyn and this other kid are either in love or simply don't care for one another. I guess I am leaning towards this is kids will be kids and we will get through it. For awhile I envisioned tales of disaster.

I hope it passes.