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Well I am going to try my luck with a new blog. I don't know if I have the time to pull it off but we will see. I hope to add a lot of pictures from my new hobby. If anyone is interested in Boise Idaho they can check out my Boise Idaho Blog.


Anonymous said...

I checked out your Boise blog and really enjoyed the nature pics. I don't blog myself, but have been considering it. I sponsor children through Compassion International and love getting letters from my precious children on the other side of the world. I think about bloging just so I can share all compassion is doing for that perhaps someone else might consider sponsorship. Anyway, back to the topic...your blog was very well written and thought out! Great visual details!

Someone Who Understands (SWU)

Jason said...

Thanks for taking the time to look it over and send me some feedback. I used to like to take pictures so I decided since I can't find a girl to hang out with I might as well take back up the hobby.

I am going to try and work more pictures into this blog and maybe add some things that I struggle with, that don't have to do with being a dad.

Anyhow, setting up a blog is free and I think you should start one. Your topic is a good one and they make for a good journal. Heck, they even bring people together :-)

Anonymous said...

I will have to pray about the blogging idea. I am a private person and am cautious about putting myself "out there." I did find a new site I could add to my blog though. It is called "free rice" ...with a vocabulary game that donates 20 grains of rice to the poor for every correct answer! I checked it out and it looks legit.

As for a blog "bringing people together" I gave up on that dream long ago. I am so overly cautious about the type of person I would consider...especially considering the impact they may end up having on my own precious children. It just isn't worth taking the chance. Maybe when the are 50? (smile)

Keep up the great work on your blogs though. I check this one regularly and am sure I will enjoy the new one just as well.


Jason said...

I understand your cautiousness. Pray and go where God guides. I was thinking about your blog idea earlier today and thought it would be cool to see some of the cute things and even not so cute that children whom are struggling right about. You don't need to give anyone any info that you don't want them to have.

Gosh, I think I would die if I had to wait till I was 50 to consider a relationship. ;-)

God Bless You!