Feeling the Pinch at the Pump


It seems oil prices are continually hitting new highs. It seems like just yesterday they were $50 a barrel, now they are closer to $140. Someone is making money and all I know for sure it is not me.

Luckily I don’t have to do a lot of travel with Madalyn. All the parks and pools we could ever need are within walking distance but I still do feel the sting of high gas prices. I have seen some stories out there of people conserving fuel and getting the most per gallon, some of which I don’t think are very safe.

Here are some tips to save money at the pump that I have found to be most useful.

1. Lighten the load in the car, get rid of unnecessary weight that weighs the car down.
2. I use the cheapest gas possible.
3. Use gas rewards cards and take advantage of the savings they offer.
4. Cut back on driving.
5. Plan your trips using Google Maps to cut out unnecessary driving. Develop the most efficient route.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,
I just found your blog.....if you're still interested in saving money on gas, I posted what I'm doing to cut my spending on gas. The biggest thing I did that makes a difference is buy mid-grade, it's only .10-.12 more per gallon, but it lasts a LOT longer.
I cut my gasoline budget from spending $120+ per month to $80.00 a month.

Jason said...

Really??? I thought that stuff was only for rich people with high performance cars... So you may get better gas mileage huh? I may have to give it a try, even though prices are on the decline there is nothing wrong with saving a few bucks.