Fun vs Work


The difference between fun at the age 3 and lets just say 30 something can be very different.

Over the weekend I bought Madalyn a bike helmet and it came with elbow and knee pads, they are pretty much useless because they are to small but Madalyn thinks the knee pads are pretty cool. "Why?" you ask well now she can be like daddy and scrub the floor on her hands and knees like me.

She was able to really get a chuckle out of me when her mom came over and she showed her the new knee pads. Mom said, "cool are those so you can ride your bike?" Madalyn looked at her mom, a little puzzled, and said, "No for cleaning the floor." Okay so now mom gives me this weird look and I just said, "somebody has too."

I'm sorry but that just busted me up. To Madalyn it was cool to help me wash the floors. I know it won't last but it is cute.