The End of the Day


Raising a child has its challenges but they seem to be very insignificant when compared to the rewards. Yet, as much as I brag about the kid I am continuously reminded about the "teenage" years. But I will deal with that later, obviously.

Today, for example; At work 2 factories encountered mechanical difficulties, our Colorado facilities ran out of rail road cars to load customer orders, and one of our contracted warehouses had a bug infestation and it wasn't found out until the customer received their product. Don't worry none made it to the consumer!!! To make matters worse Sales is SELLING and I can't get the product moved.

In the midst of this gloom and uncertainty all I can think about is getting off work and going and seeing Madalyn. She is my ray of sunshine at the end of the day even when things are not going well. I hope I never lose that enthusiasm to see her at the end of each day, good or bad.