Learning New Things


It was not too long ago I tried to show Madalyn how to use the mouse on the computer and play some games. She really only beat on the keys and did not take the time to really try and figure it out. I don't know how many times I come into the office to see her pounding on the keyboard. I went as far as setting up a computer in her room so she could get used to it. Everytime she would have it so screwed up I eventually had to take it out because I was tired of trying to figure out what she had done to it.

So 2-weeks ago we head over to the library and Ms. Tammy is there, she does great reading to the kids. Unfortunately they were not having story time that night so we were leaving and Madalyn saw the computers there and wanted to use one. Well I hesitated a bit, because of past memories, but Ms. Tammy volunteered to show Madalyn around. I stood back with a grin on my face as I watched Madalyn intently paying attention to what she was being shown. For maybe a minute Ms. Tammy held Madalyn's hand while they played the game.

Well, Madalyn started playing the game alone and was using the mouse like a novice... She did not have it perfect but she was patient and was doing all the right things. I could not believe my eyes. Just weeks before she would not even listen to me. As I sit there grinning from ear to ear so excited I also wondered why would she do it for someone else and not me?

Oh well... I have set the computer back up at home and she does great!


Anonymous said...

Isn't that amazing? That's how kids are. lol!