Happy Holidays


One down one more to go before the years end, holidays that is. I have had the past several days off enjoying time with family and it has been pretty good. A bit exhausting though. I think I need to get back to work so I can get back on a regular schedule.

It was a huge blessing watching Madalyn and her cousin play. They are about 6 months apart and they either played really well together or they fought tooth and nail. Yet they were inseperable. Just watching those two could wear a person out.

I hope everyone out there is having a good holiday... If you aren't and need someone to talk to leave me a post with your email and we can chat. I know how hard it can be during this time of the year and I am here for anyone that needs it.


Anonymous said...

I love holidays and I got most of my Christmas shopping done Friday and Saturday, but like you said, it's nice to get back to your regular routine, so Monday, here I come!

Jason said...

Things are just so quiet right now. Madalyn is with her mom, my parents and sister and her family have left and yet the house is still standing. It is kind of like going to Vegas and coming home... the ringing of the slot machines continues for days. Well now the yelling of children and the sound of running seem to be ringing in my head.