I often times find myself overwhelmed with a joy and love for Madalyn when she is not with me. Maybe she arranges her toys a certain way or puts something of hers with mine that I find later or maybe she does something like she did this morning.

We are on the way to daycare and she tells me she has a list. I figure it must of been left for me by her mother. "Great a list!" I must say I can feel the lack of excitement. Anyhow we get there and she runs to her cubby to get the list. She hands me this worn piece of paper and it was our grocery list from Saturday... She is all excited that she gave me the list because it is her job to hold on to it while we shop and not lose it. Needless to say I had to high-tail it out of there before I started to get all teary eyed. The kid kept the list safe! I know she must of found it in her jacket pocket and put it in her cubby for safe-keeping. It is these small things that to me aren't so small and can make my week.


Anonymous said...

That is just way too sweet. Not only did she keep the list "safe" but, she was also trying to please you by doing her job....I love moments like this. Grace also holds the list while we shop, and lately, she walks by the cart and helps get items off of the shelf. I tried putting my list on my phone, but then she wanted to hold the phone and I realized how important it is to her to do her job, so we stick with the paper list too.