Bad Things Come in 3s


Well I had one of those weekends that really make you wish you could have another shot at a few days off. One of those weekends that makes you put a few things in perspective and maybe the simpler life may not be so bad....

So here a nice Saturday, working a way and I decide I need a couple pictures to complete my work. Hey not a problem, the buildings are right next to each other and it will take all but 30 minutes, round trip. Off I go!

Got there took the pictures got back in the car and it was dead. Nothing, nilch, nada. Me and my infinite wisdom about cars decided it was more than the battery. I spent the next few hours racking my brain trying to figure out who to call. Unfortunately I left the cell phone at home which had all my numbers.

Point #1 - We don't memorize phone numbers anymore, atleast I don't. Put it in the phone and forget it. HMM!

After hours of waiting I call a tow truck and I figure it is going to cost me a couple hundred dollars to get it to the shop and home. All in all he gives me a jump start and away I go. I could of got one of those for free!

Point #2 - Jump starting your car is worth a shot.

Part II

Madalyn goes to the doctor for an infected finger... Another $100. Although it was well worth it for her.

Part III

I get this damn internet virus called Spyware Guard 2009. It messed up my whole system and nothing I did worked to get rid of it. I spent hours and hours trying. Finally had to do a system restore to factory defaults. What a mess. Soooo angry. FYI don't spend the money to buy the software it is a scam.

I have had my 3, I guess it is smooth sailing from here.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! That was a BAD weekend.....the last time I left my cell phone at home, a wreck happened right in front of me and I couldn't even call 911 for them. I felt so bad! Now no matter what, I always go back in to get my phone, and I don't memorize numbers anymore either. I think in the old days, we only memorized them because we dialed them all the time. I hope your week gets better!

Jason said...

You would of thought that I learned my lesson but one week later my car broke down again and again I left my phone at home. Madalyn and I were stuck in a snow storm for an hour.

$425 later lets hope the problem is taken care of.