Beautiful Spring Day


The energy that comes with the first spring day! As in the first day in spring that it actually feels like spring. Today was one of those days and it is gorgeous out. Of course it is Monday and I am alone and a bit lonely but the energy today was awesome. I love spring! How could anyone not? Sure tomorrow is scheduled for rain but I still have today and that is good enough for now.


Amy said...

I had to look at your profile, wondered what state you lived in. Idaho. I didn't know people really lived there.....just potatoes. (lol)
In Florida we dont have "seasons" like I here about. Our winters are probably like your spring.
My first son, when he was about four, he told me "Mom, when is winter coming, i've been waiting my WHOLE life! "

Jason said...

I love Idaho and the weather. Experiencing all the seasons is great, to me. Helps me keep track of the years. :-)