Biggest Blessing


Ever have one of those weekends where the rain is pounding against the window, the wind sounds like it is going to snap the tree in the front yard, and you feel a bit gloomy? I just had one of those weekends stuck inside and Madalyn at her moms it made it kind of lonely.

In the midst of fighting the loneliness and boredom the phone rings and it is this 4 year old on the other end, "Hi daddy." I tell you what that perked me up! We talked for a few minutes and then it was over. I could not stop smiling. I had new energy and a positive attitude.

I can't think of when I felt so blessed from a simple phone call!


Kae said...

Aww thats awesome. Its great how they seem to call at just the right time. My 7yr old is at her dads and she calls me right around when i start missing her. Though I love thunderstorms. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww....that is too sweet!