Online Auctions


This past couple years the more I read about eBay I am finding out that they seem to be upsetting a lot of their sellers. With fees and automatically returning customers money that complain about any little thing. I completely think that internet shoppers need to be protected but when you buy from online auctions you have to expect a ding or a chip, especially if it is USED! Nevertheless, I have been known to shop online quite a bit and I came across a new online auction site called SWOOPO. It is kind of cool. It has a nice clean look and is easy to navigate so if you are maybe looking for a new place to shop check it out. Register at now for great discounts!


Anonymous said...

Do you auction on this site?

Jason said...

I still haven't taken that step yet. I don't know what to sell. I just know from some stories this year eBay is taking some hits on their fee structure and return policies by sellers.

Who knows... with the thousands of sellers there going to be a few that always complain.