Pain-Free Life


Awhile back I wrote about not catching a break. It just seemed nothing was going my way and I started to lose a bit of faith in God and myself. I began to think, “What’s the point in trying anymore?”

Philippians 1:12-14 talks about Paul being in chains for preaching the gospel and that it brought him joy. The word of God was spreading to those around him and it was also encouraging the saints, giving them boldness and zeal.

It dawned on me that God never promised a pain-free life. However, we can find great joy and peace with the right outlook if we are able to view situations through our spiritual eyes rather than our worldly. Maybe I feel I am not catching a break because I am viewing things through the wrong eyes. God is around me working in, on, and through me and maybe someday I can use what I have learned and experienced to help others thus bringing glory to God.


Anonymous said...

The pastor of our church was just recently talking about this very topic.

Its amazing the things God can use in your life.

From One Dad to Another,