I Love Fall


Really not much to mention here except the fact that I love fall but this year has been crazy. So far it seems we are going from summer to luke warm back to summer. Somehow the trees know that fall is here but I just don't feel it. We are going from a beautiful week where playing outside was a must to it could snow down here in Boise Idaho. Snow is winter and I don't think I am quite ready for that. Especially since I have not gotten the sprinklers blown out yet. Thank God for all wonderful seasons.


Lanel said...

Up here in north Idaho we had such a blast of cold last week (I think it was) that I had to look at the calendar a few times to remind myself it wasn't winter. Soccer games when it's 27 aren't fun. :(

But, they're calling for snow for us tomorrow too. :( I'm just not quite ready for it.