Starting Your Own Website


Every now and again someone wants to know about starting their own website and I have to tell them that it is pretty darn easy. Now of course this depends on its use but when I started my Christian Divorce Recovery site I thought I might be getting in over my head but it actually worked out okay. Starting an ecommerce site I don't have a clue. Starting a website can have a lot advantages and be used for different things. There are tools such as blogger (this site) that are free if you want to dink around a bit but if you are going to take the plunge long-term you may consider buying a domain and getting a webhost provider like Hostgator that offers Free Domain With $6.95 Hosting Package. Most webhosting companies have the tools to build a site and get it online. So if you are interested you may want to give it a shot. It is very affordable and I find it to be fun - most of the time.


Robert said...

Hello Jason; I love the chance to drop in on your blog and see how things are going. I did not know about your other sight. It seems great, I still have to poke around a little more but it gives a great first impression. Thanks for all the hard work you do, it helps more dads than you will ever know.
I wanted to take a minute and ask a question and give an invitation.
First, In your journeys across the internet, do you belong to any Father's forums? I looked for one awhile back and was led to 'Online Christian Parents" which is where I would like to invite you. It is a great parenting sight and they do have a 'just us guys' forum. I have come to love all of the people very much. I have even met some IRL. We need more men though. I hope you would check it out and consider being an active part of a great christian resource. Please follow this link.
I hope you like what you see.

Jeff Boyce said...

Hey Jason I like your site and have just started a site to archive the weekly devotional I send out to the SIngle Parents group at my Church. come check it out

I'll set up a link to your site for my folks to check you out

God bless


Jason said...

Jeff, I like your site... Keep up the good work.