My life is much like a “Soap Opera”, as my mother would say. Personally I would prefer a life with less drama but I guess I go through what I do because of choices I have made in the past. I have learned that in the face of adversity and chaos that there is more to look forward to later in life, the day of peace will come.

Without going into too much detail… I had another one of those weekends with my ex-wife. She shows up at 11pm with Madalyn and her new husband (without warning). It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I felt a complete rush of adrenalin. Thoughts included:

1. What the hell are you doing here?
2. You have a husband?
3. Why me?

Of course it is always a pleasure to see the kid so I hugged the stuffing out of her. I figured she probably was a bit confused so I spent some time loving on her before addressing the ex.

My late night visitors sit and I (and the new husband) begin to be lectured about how poorly we treat her, mind you I have not had a conversation with this woman for months. It only took about 15 seconds before I stopped her and dismissed her with “get over it, look in the mirror and stop blaming your life’s problems on everyone else.”

It was effective, however she left her husband standing in my home. Note to self: when dismissing ex from home make sure the new husband is in the car before hand.

Here is the advice to all you that are single and thinking about getting married. Marrying the wrong person can affect your sanity and divorce doesn’t sever the ties, especially if there are children involved. Don’t ignore the “red flags” especially the major ones.