God vs the World


Every so often it is important to take an inventory of how and who we are living our lives for. It is very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this world and get side tracked from our true calling.

Here are 5 points (questions) that help me to refocus and sometimes point out the ugly reality of my life, that I have a foot on both sides of the fence.

1. How should I be living? I should be living a life responding to God. Is that what I am doing?
2. What is my goal in life? To know Jesus and have a loving and intimate relationship with Him.
3. What am I doing to achieve questions 1 & 2? Knowing the answers is not enough. I need to have a plan to achieve my goal of living a life for God.
4. What am I running towards? Often times I find myself running towards the things of this world rather than Jesus.
5. What desires of my flesh are holding me back? For me this often comes to sex and money. Yep I am putting that out there for everyone to see. The last time I checked I was still an imperfect human and I can honestly say that the things that tend to hold me back are these desires.

For the past week I have been looking at ways to get both feet back on the side for God. I have been trying to “fast” not from food but from the world. I have spent very little time on the computer trying to make an extra buck. Instead I have given more of that time over to being content with what I have. Taking time to read and relax. Another area of my life that has helped to follow God is to get in the giving mode. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing anymore. I can give of my time, money, and resources. I look around my home and see so many things I wasted money on. Five, Ten, or Fifteen dollars here and there can go a long way in helping people when the right people get it. So I have been stepping out and giving a little at a time and it feels good.

Sometimes I realize that I am holding on way to tight to things and instead of feeling more secure I feel depressed and anxious. Is it the things that we hold on to the tightest that are keeping us from God? I think in my case that may be…