Relationship with a Woman


You might be thinking that this is another on of those pleas from Jason for a wife. Well gotch-ya, it isn’t.

I have been considering Madalyn and her relationship with her mother. The way her mom drops her off or has me pick her up during her time, usually because she is upset about something has me concerned. The kid loves her mom so much and I understand that but I am concerned that as Madalyn gets older she may start to think that she is to blame for her mother’s actions. Her mom tells her that she is never going to see her again and it sends Madalyn into tears saying, “Daddy I love you but I don’t want to be with you forever.” I know what she means but how do I convince her that everything is going to be okay? That her mom will be back she is just having another one of those moments. I am scared that Madalyn is not going to be able to have loving friendships with others because she is fearful of being rejected. I know I can’t fix her mom, hell I can’t even get her to admit to any wrong doing and effect change. I guess I am not sure what I can do to help Madalyn at this point.


I AM Thy Helper said...

Your Blog was introduce to me by my friend. Interesting to read. I always ask God my relationship ends up with pain and question...