How to Avoid Pain – Part 2 of Pain vs Pleasure


Many times we think we can’t stand the pain – we just want it to go away and we pray for such.

In our lives I think there are different kinds of pain; self inflicted and situational. Many times we cause our own pain and suffering. We choose to go down the road of sin and end up suffering the consequences. In life we go through pain that results from what others have done. We lose a loved one to a tragedy, we get robbed, we get laid-off, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So it is not possible to avoid pain altogether but by making wiser choices we can lessen the pain in our lives. When we are faced with pain we can learn to deal with it and choose to learn, grow, and share our experiences with others. Pain should not lead to bitterness, resentment, depression, or anger but should drive us to forgive, love, help, and understand others.

The pain from sin could have been avoided if we were to abide in God’s word and do what He says. Obedience to God’s will - will lead to a joyful life. However, as humans we tend to think at times that we know better and fall into sin or make the wrong decision that leads to painful consequences. Pain related to our sins can be avoided by not sinning, this is the type of pain that we can limit in our lives.

Is there any such thing as good pain? Ask an athlete training for an event, “No pain no gain.” Sometimes pain is required to reach a new level of pleasure and success in our lives. Pain and avoidance of pain is a great motivator. I know I suffer from procrastination at times. The closer the deadline draws near the more stressed and pressured I become to get the project done. I could avoid the stress simply by not procrastinating. I can avoid failed relationships by taking the time to work out my issues before hand. Yes, examining one’s self and improving can be a painful experience but it ultimately leads to great pleasure. This in itself will bring healthier people into my life – we tend to attract people whom are as emotionally healthy as we are. When you think about this it gets hard to blame our partner for our pain and suffering. We chose the relationship!

Through prayer and obedience to God we can avoid many pitfalls that interfere with our joy. We can look at life as an opportunity to be the best we can be. We should constantly strive for what will ultimately bring us the most pleasure in the long-run (not sinful pleasure).