The new year is a time for change and I wanted to express encouragment to those that are looking to improve the quality of their lives. I have struggled with many things in my past, actually still do, but I have overcome because I had the encouragement and support to trade bad habits for good. One of the leading things that hurt families this day and age is parents who smoke and I want to share a website, Stop Smoking Tips, for those people looking to quit. Children should not suffer because their parents are addicted to nicotine and it affects them much more than you realize. For additional information check out the Health Effects of Smoking.

I hope everyone's new year is blessed.


Setting a Good Example said...

A parent should set a good example to their children. You are on your right track in trading your bad habits to good one. This helps other fathers out there to quit their vices.

Marja said...

Aaaah, New Years. I don't set any sort of resolutions or anything. Why do something that I am going to fail!?! I figure I'll just keep on doing my best, and working hard. It will all come together.